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Watson Wellness Promotion is owned and operated by Kathleen (Kate) Watson. Although she is based in Philadelphia, she works nationally, internationally, and virtually. 

About Professional Development Opportunities: 
With expertise in health behavior change, trauma-informed practice, and cultural competency, Watson Wellness Promotion provides training workshops to educators, healthcare providers, social service professionals, and criminal justice professionals nationally and internationally. To learn sign up for professional training workshops, click here.

About Personal Development Opportunities: 
Kate Watson is a certified health coach, certified weight management specialist, certified mind and body specialist, and certified personal fitness trainer. With over ten years of experience supporting survivors of various traumas, Kate now specializes in helping those with trauma histories to achieve their health goals. To learn more about Kate's health coaching practice, click here. 

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For more information about Kathleen Watson, or the services provided by Watson Wellness Promotion, please browse the website.  Select Contact if you'd like to speak directly to Kathleen Watson.
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