Watson Wellness Pro - Kate Watson, M.A., Ed.M., DrPHc
Health Coaching Services

Kate Watson, of Watson Wellness Promotion, offers Health Coaching services for individuals, couples, groups, and corporations.  Meet with Kate to discover your inner motivation, uncover your barriers, and recover your confidence.  She knows that changing a person's life is ultimately about developing new habits, and that the struggle is mostly mental.  Talking with someone can help. 

Health Coaches can help you address your concerns related to:
  • Losing or maintaining weight
  • Eating more nutritious foods
  • Improving sleep
  • Decreasing stress
  • Improving fitness
  • Managing and living with Diabetes
  • Quitting smoking

Kate Watson provides one-on-one and group wellness consultations especially designed for folks who may be hesitant about making some health changes.  Kate approaches her consulting work with a trauma-informed lens, understanding that it is often our past struggles that influence our likelihood of successful lifestyle change in the present. 

Kate is a highly trained professional with certifications in:
  • Health Coaching (Certified through ACE Fitness™)
  • Fitness Training (Certified through National Council for Strength and Fitness™)
  • Weight Management (Certified through ACE Fitness™)
  • CPR and Basic Life Support (Certified through American Red Cross™)
  • Mind and Body Wellness

Because Kate specializes in assisting individuals who may be apprehensive about beginning a journey toward health, or who may be managing difficult life events, she also has extensive training in:
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • “Kate is really ideal for anyone who is brand new to fitness. She is compassionate and takes her time.”

  • “I never went to gyms before because I always felt like people would stare at me.  Meeting with Kate was really helpful because she helped me feel like I belonged.”

  • "I expected her to teach me about eating and exercising, but I got so much more than I bargained for.  I looked at myself in a whole new way."

  • “I wasn’t even sure what I wanted my goal to be when I first started, but Kate helped me with that.  After speaking with Kate, I realized that weight loss isn’t really what I cared about as much as general wellness.  The weight came off anyway.”

  • “I met with Kate just because I wasn’t feeling like myself anymore.  It was nice to say it aloud to someone who could help.”

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