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To meet the needs of a diverse student body requires special training and skill.  Contact [email protected] to bring one of these workshops to your educational institution.  We can also arrange to hold the workshop at Watson Wellness Promotion’s Northern Liberties location, if that is more appropriate.

Former participants in these workshops include:
University of Delaware Residence Life
Columbia University Health Services
Princeton University Health Services
University of Rochester
University at Buffalo
SUNY Oneonta
Texas Tech University Medical School
Drexel University
Peirce College
West Chester University 

See the events page for a full list of past workshops in education and student affairs. 

Check out the menu of available workshops:

Motivational Interviewing for Student Affairs Professionals
This workshop is ideal for residence hall staff, academic advisors, student health professionals, or anyone who finds themselves discussing changes that a student may make in his or her life.  Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based intervention to compassionately guide individuals through behavior-changes.  MI teaches professionals how to engage students in a collaborative partnership in which the practitioner is a support rather than an expert advisor.  Click here for more information about Motivational Interviewing.  This workshop is generally only offered by request.  To request this workshop, contact [email protected]  

Check out this brief video demonstrating Motivational Interviewing in an Academic Advising relationship:
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CELT Advisor to Mentor
Although Motivational Interviewing can be applied to many areas of student affairs, here is one example of MI in an advising setting.

Evidence-based Strategies for Behavior Change: Tools for the Conduct Hearing
Coming Soon!
Trauma-Informed Practice in Education
Because 64% of the population has experienced at least 1 ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience), it is likely that students as young as 17 and 18 years-old are battling the negative consequences of trauma (hypervigilance, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, depression, etc.) in the classroom environment.  For that reason, this presentation aims to equip educators (faculty and advisors) with strategies to assist learners inside and outside of the classroom in a way that is informed by the literature on trauma and the brain.  Specifically, participants in this training will learn about the neuroscience of learning, discuss barriers to learning (inside and outside of the classroom) for students who have been exposed to trauma, and practice strategies that may better serve students who are coping with the effects of trauma. This workshop is generally only offered by request.  To request this workshop, contact [email protected]  

Sexual Violence Victim Advocacy
Once a victim/ survivor is identified, there are known strategies for assisting the person through the traumatic event.  This workshop addresses theories of trauma, including a brief review of the neuroscience associated with traumatic responses.  Participants will be introduced to basic skill-building, and will learn about the importance of their own self-care, as vicarious trauma is common among helping professionals.  This workshop is commonly attended by higher education professionals (residence hall professionals, academic advisors, counselors, etc.), but is appropriate for anyone who may be in a position of needing to assist someone in crisis. This workshop is generally only offered by request.  To request this workshop, contact [email protected]

Title IX Training
Students are more informed and empowered than ever.  They know that the federal government requires schools to intervene in cases of gender-based violence, and they are empowered to file complaints to the Office for Civil Rights when those requirements are not met.  In fact, the Office for Civil Rights saw a 1000% increase in complaints over the past five years.  Proper training for educators is crucial for avoiding policy violations.  Intended for Title IX coordinators and designated responsible employees, this training will cover the purpose of Title IX policy, the requirements that schools must meet under Title IX, and the needs of students who have victimized by gender-based violence and discrimination.  This workshop includes exercises, case study discussion, and role plays for optimal learning. This workshop is generally only offered by request.  To request this workshop, contact [email protected]  

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)
Watson Wellness Promotion has conducted BASICS trainings for institutions around the country.  This workshop is intended for institutions who already have an active BASICS program, but who are interested in enhancing their skills for interacting with students.  This workshop emphasizes the ADVANCED skills of Motivational Interviewing, and encourages participants to share examples of difficult student cases. This workshop is ideal for current BASICS providers, rather than institutions who are considering the adoption of the BASICS model. This workshop is generally only offered by request.  To request this workshop, contact [email protected]  
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