Watson Wellness Pro - Dr. Kate Watson, M.A., Ed.M., DrPH
Training for Victim Advocates

To schedule a training at your organization, university, or military base, please email Kate@WatsonWellnessPro.com.

Motivational Interviewing for Victim Advocates:
MI is grounded in the assumption that when a person is hesitant to make changes or big decisions, it is, very likely, because he/she has unresolved ambivalence about change.The same could be said for victims/ survivors who feel:

--Ambivalent about seeking treatment
--Ambivalent about leaving an abusive relationship
--Ambivalent about participating in the justice system

More importantly, because MI is a client-centered approach,which emphasizes autonomy, compassion, and respecting boundaries, MI offers away to operationalize and measure trauma-informed care.

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