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This Week at WWP 2/22/17
Health Coaching 30% Off
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Health and Welless Coaching

Health Coaching 30% Off

Have a health-related New Years Resolution?  Maybe you're trying to quit smoking or lose weight?  A Certified Health Coach can help you develop a plan and STICK TO IT.

30% of Health Coaching throughout the month of January.  

Contact kate@WatsonWellnessPro.com.

Health Coaching "Wellness Boosts"

Are you interested in avoiding holiday weight gain, or holiday-related stress?  Does the pressure of the holiday season make it more difficult for you to stick to your health-related goals?  Watson Wellness Promotion is offering holiday season "wellness boosts" for only $40.  This is a limited time offer.

What is a "wellness boost"?
Rather than committing to three health coaching sessions (which is what the typical package includes), client can choose a one-session "wellness boost" for only $40.  This session is intended to help a client re-commit to goals which he/she has already started.  Think of a "wellness boost" as a recharge.  It's like renewal your marriage vows, but instead, we will work to renew your wellness vows.  

What if I haven't already started working on my goal?
Watson Wellness Promotion recommends the regular 3-session package for those who are embarking on a new change.  The one-session boost is unlikely to be helpful for someone who just getting started.  

Schedule your "wellness boost" to take place before January 1st in order to take advantage of this limited time offer!

Contact Kate@WatsonWellnessPro.com to schedule your appointment.

This Week at WWP- 11/06/15

Kate Watson was recently elected to the Dental Quality Alliance, a board which votes on health policy and professional standards of practice for healthcare providers across dentistry.  Her position is effective immediately and will require her to travel to Chicago twice a year for Board meetings. 

Kate will be able to use her experiences and expertise in patient-centered care, cultural competency, public health, and health policy in order to better serve the Board.

This Week at WWP- 11/1/15

Kate finished her 5th Half Marathon this weekend!  6 years ago, even a 5k would have seemed impossible.  

Half Marathon 2014

Not a plug for WWP this time-- just some action shots from my latest (but not greatest) half marathon. 

This Week at WWP- 09/11/14

I realize the blog has been a little quiet lately, but WWP has been as busy as ever.  

Kate took part in the first ever Philly 10k last weekend, and is preparing for the Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half Marathon next weekend.  

Check out photos from the 10k here: PHILLY 10K

Despite the heat and humidity, it was a great course and a spirited crowd.  It will definitely be a nice addition to the list of Philly's annual distance runs.  

This Week at WWP- 08/11/14

Have you checked out the new store?  It's a work in progress, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

This Week at WWP- 08/06/14

WWP had the pleasure of hosting a mid-day yoga session with some pretty cool people at Peirce College.  Everyone could use a moment to pause, breathe, and stretch in the middle of the day!  Looking forward to the next one!

This Week at WWP- 07/21/14

It's that time again!  I'm sending in my recertification materials to the National Council on Strength and Fitness.  Once this package reaches Florida, I'm a Certified Personal Trainer (again) until 2016. 

This Week at WWP- 2/19/14

WWP visited the ACJS Conference today to meet with some colleagues who do amazing work in the domestic violence field.  So inspiring!

This Week at WWP!

Kate, at Watson Wellness Promotion is now a Certified Weight Management Specialist.  Check out the Health and Wellness Services page for more information!

Photos to share!

Watson Wellness Promotion participated in a website photo shoot this past week.  Some of the photos are already posted on various pages of the website, but also stay tuned for more images to come!

Learn about Kate Watson's non-diet approach to health and wellness

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